What to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

Read my suggestions on what to do in Prague

Check out my guide on what to do in Prague, Czech Republic. There are many cities and countries I have yet to visit, but of the ones I’ve seen so far Prague may be my favorite. I visited the capital city for New Year’s 2020 and it was a great experience. Cold? Sure, but this New Yorker could handle that. I spent only a couple of days there and would definitely like to go back one day. If you’d like to discover what to do in Prague, especially on a short trip, keep reading.

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#PitMad 2020: My Experience & Tips

Did you participate in #PitMad 2020?

Long time, no see, huh? I have definitely let this blog fall by the wayside in the past few months. It’s been a hectic time for me. Fortunately, I haven’t let my writing fall off track too much. (Though I did talk about some of my struggles in this video). I’ve been writing a lot and really trying to push forward in the next steps toward obtaining representation for my adult contemporary novel, affectionately nicknamed Project Sunflower. Part of this included me participating in #PitMad. If you’re interested in my experience with this writing contests, keep reading.

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Exploring Krakow, Poland Vlog

Hello! Can’t believe we’re almost at the midpoint of September and I’m still putting out videos related to my winter break trip. Going through these videos has been nice and I’m trying to hold out hope that I’ll be back exploring Europe again. Blog posts have been a little inconsistent as of late, but I’m not going anywhere! It’s been quite a hectic few months for me (as it has for the entire world) and I’m getting my footing back. In the meantime, enjoy this vlog of when I explored Krakow, Poland.


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Hopes for My Writing Journey

Keep reading to hear about my hopes for my writing.

One of my goals for 2020 was to really dedicate more time to my writing journey. That means writing more, honing my craft, immersing myself into the writing community, finding critique partners and beta readers, learning more about the publishing industry and more. Overall, it’s been going quite well. However, my writing journey was heavily impacted by all the effects of COVID-19. From leaving the country to finding a new job and a place to live. The stress of it all impacted my creativity and mood overall greatly.

Of course, there are people going through a lot worse. But I did want to share something positive and hopeful regarding my writing journey. So if you are interested in my hopes and goals for my writing journey, keep reading.

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Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Vlog

Right now we are all stuck at home, but I am still editing my older travel videos. In January, I had the absolute greatest opportunity to go to Poland and visit the Nazi concentration camps. Auschwitz-Birkenau are the most well known of the camps. I visited both Auschwitz and Birkenau on a day-trip from Krákow, Poland. I am really glad I took the initiative to go and would highly recommend it. There are certain areas of the camps you can’t film and others I felt uncomfortable with filming. But here is some insight into my trip.

If you’re interested in my Auschwitz-Birkenau tour, check out the video!

Read my post about my final thoughts on my winter break trip. I visited several countries and was able to spend Christmas and New Year’s in amazing places.

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Camp Nanowrimo July 2020: Updates #WriteUpMyAlley

Ever since I first discovered Nanowrimo two years ago, I’ve enjoyed learning more and more about it. Did you know that apart from the official event in November, there are two mini-events? That’s right. Camp Nanowrimo takes place in April and July. It’s different from the November event because you can set your own goal.

This year, I set my Camp Nanowrimo July goal to 30,000 words. At the same time as I was working on my Camp project, I was editing another manuscript and doing other writing related tasks. If you’re interested in knowing how I fared for Camp Nanowrimo July 2020, keep reading.

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