10 Quarantine Netflix Recommendations

Do you need some quarantine Netflix recommendations? Well, look no further. I’ve definitely been spending a lot of time online during this lockdown. I know I’m not the only one since Netflix has seen over 15 million new users after the first three months of the worldwide stay-at-home regulations. If you’re bored and looking for something good to watch, I am going to name my 10 quarantine Netflix recommendations for you. So keep on reading!

Peaky Blinders

My first quarantine Netflix recommendation is Peaky Blinders. This is a British period crime drama that focuses on the Shelby family. The Peaky Blinders were a gang from Birmingham in the early 1900s. The main character is Tommy, who is the leader of the gang. It follows the struggles he has to keep power, keep his family and assets safe and of course a romance. I haven’t finished this series yet but I loved the first season and have just started season 2. It’s dramatic and dark with great acting and cinematography. I would highly recommend this one.

Love Is Blind

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon for my next quarantine Netflix recommendation. This one was definitely a guilty pleasure binge watch. Like it’s so bad but so good at the same time. Love Is Blind’s premise is to find love without seeing the person first. So people aim to become engaged after talking to people through a wall for several weeks. Yeah, wild. The real drama happens after several couples become engaged and go on vacation where they find out if the chemistry is there once they know what the other looks like. At the end, we fast forward to the weddings to see if all the couples go through with it. This is a cheesy, dramatic reality show and definitely one you can watch in a day.


While living in Barcelona as a language assistant, I heard about this Spanish television show. Elité is basically a mix between Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. But definitely a lot more explicit and dark than either of those shows. Despite being marketed for teens, the show is pretty graphic in both language and sexual content. Nothing too scandalous, but definitely more mature than teen shows here in the States. The show is definitely angsty and melodramatic at times, but it’s also highly addictive. I watched almost two seasons in a couple of days. So definitely check out this quarantine Netflix recommendation, especially if you’re learning Spanish! Subtitles and audio are available in various languages though.

The Office

The Office is an old show that most people know and love. However, I actually never watched an episode of this show until last year. There are so many shows that get so much hype as being the best that I felt weren’t that great (*cough* Friends) so I was skeptical before going into this. I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised. This show is very funny and Steve Carrell is just awesome. I have heard he isn’t in later seasons, so not sure if I’ll watch it all the way until the end. But I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Unpopular opinion, Karen deserved better.

Gossip Girl

My next quarantine Netflix recommendation is Gossip Girl. I wasn’t too into this show when it was on TV. I watched a few episodes, liked them, but was never hooked. However, I restarted the show on Netflix and I’m definitely more connected to it now. The main characters are all so distinct and have their own lives and personalities. Oh, and if you are Team Serena instead of Team Blair, I’d just like to inform you that you’re wrong. One thing I am in the minority of with fans of the show is Chuck and Blair. I don’t ship or like them together at all. What’s your opinion on them?

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows, so it has to be on my quarantine Netflix recommendations list. This series takes a critical look on technology and society and some of the negative implications of such. Each episode has a unique twist and a unique storyline. Thus, you don’t have to watch the episodes in order at all. Furthermore, I would recommend that you didn’t watch them in order. If you watched the first episode, you may be put off from the series as a whole. Here are some of my favorite episodes:

  • The Entire History of You; Season 1, episode 3
  • Be Right Back; Season 2, episode 1
  • White Bear; Season 2, episode 1
  • Nosedive; Season 3, episode 1
  • USS Callister; Season 4, episode 1

Note: Although not my favorite episode, Black Mirror made an “interactive” episode in which you can make decisions while watching the episode, thus affecting the outcome of the story. It’s very innovative and fun to see the different scenarios that could play out. The decisions you can make vary in importance, from what cereal the character eats to whether or not to follow this person. It’s quite fun! The episode is called “Bandersnatch.”


Another period drama I’d like to suggest is Reign. This is a series that I feel like should get more credit. Although, admittedly I enjoy the earlier seasons more than the later ones. In fact, this is one I think I’ll rewatch my favorite seasons instead of finishing it. I already know how a couple of major plot points will end because they are still loosely following the events of real life. However, other things I wasn’t happy about such as elimination of certain characters and certain relationships I did not like. Reign follows Queen Mary of Scots as she enters the castle of her soon-to-be husband, Francis. Politics, romance, murder and even a little magic. Check it out!

La Casa de Papel (“Money Heist”)

La Casa de Papel is quite a popular show in Spain, even more than Elité. Most of my students loved this show and around the city of Barcelona, I would see advertisements constantly. Despite looking like the people from the Purge movies, it’s quite different. This show follows a group of criminals who are trying to pull off a heist. The first season they keep people hostage while the cops try to negotiate and infiltrate. I’m not too far into this show as I try to watch it in Spanish and it’s more challenging for me than Elité. Still, it’s quite good and as with most Netflix originals, you can watch the show in several languages.

The Originals

Never have I ever watched an episode of the Vampire Diaries. Still, I one day decided to watch the Originals. While TVD never intrigued me, the premise for this one sounded a lot more interesting. I think I made the right choice. It’s about a group of vampires who are trying to fight for control of New Orleans from other vampires as well as witches and werewolves. So early 2000s, right? But it’s so good! I am watching this slowly but surely and because I saw spoilers of the finale, I’m not sure how I will approach watching the final season, or if I will. By the way, in case you’re interested, Klaus is my favorite.


My last quarantine Netflix recommendation is another Netflix original called Cheer. As the name suggests, it’s about cheerleading. It follows a cheer team from a junior college in a small town in Texas. We learn about what goes into their practices, the obstacles they face throughout the year, how to juggle school and cheer, etc. But what I believe resonated the most with people are the people themselves. The head coach Monica is awesome. The cheerleaders themselves are quite interesting and many with heartbreaking backstories on what lead them to cheer in the first place. While it’s unconfirmed, I believe there will be a second season and I can’t wait to follow the team again.

There you have it for my 10 quarantine Netflix recommendations. Do you have any other shows you think should’ve been included on this list? Let me know in the comments. While you’re here, check out my other platforms:


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