10 Youtubers You Should Be Watching

Whether you are bored at home on the weekend or need something to make cardio at the gym a little more bearable, Youtube can provide mere entertainment or a dose of inspiration when you need it. I always enjoyed watching Youtube videos, since middle school. I always dreamed of having my own channel (I do have a few videos on my Youtube channel now) because I love seeing others, especially women, be independent and be their own boss. Unfortuately, Youtube has become a little monotonous and it seems like there are a lot of Youtubers who are just carbon copies of one another due to the oversaturated market. But fear not, because there are still soooo many Youtubers who manage to stay true to themselves and make amazing content. And I have a list of 10 of them for you.

1. Melissa Alatorre

Subscribers: 595,000+

I first found Melissa almost two years ago I believe. I believe I found her channel by viewing one of her Halloween makeup tutorial videos. Seriously, check out her Metallic Sugar Skull makeup tutorial, it is incredible. But even if you aren’t into makeup (I’m not!) I would recommend her channel. She is also really into skincare and health, which I love. She posts her workouts and healthy daily routines to help me get motivated because she makes a healthy lifestyle look so effortless. Also, she has an adorable siberian husky named Meeka who is adorable.

2. Bella Fiori

Subscribers: 1,600,000+

If you love Australian accents and true crime, look no further than Bella! She is an Australian Youtuber who got her start from her beauty videos, which is still a big part of her platform. However, I follow Bella because I am very interested in true crime and she makes amazingly detailed true crime videos from famous cases to those you probably haven’t heard of. Check out her video covering Nicholas Barclay, such an interesting case. She also comes off very real and has this frankness to her that I really appreciate. Should I make another post with my favorite true crime Youtubers? I have a bunch. Let me know in the comments below.

3. Samuel and Audrey

Subscribers: 165,000+

Okay, I am kind of cheating because this would make 11 people. But it’s 10 channels, so let’s just roll with it. Samuel and Audrey are a married couple who make travel videos. I love travel but I don’t know about you all, seeing Instagram influencers on beaches or boats is not what makes me excited to travel. I much rather prefer seeing people walking through side streets and quirky neighborhoods of foreign countries, getting to know about the local culture, etc. Samuel and Audrey do just that. They go all over the world, not just your typical vacation spots like Cabo or Miami. They also are big foodies and while I lean more on the picky side of eating, I know many people enjoy watching them try foods from around the world. I did like their video hunting down the best pizza in Naples, Italy. How can local pizza compare after that? Audrey also speaks Spanish and to sharpen her Spanish skills, they made a Spanish channel. This is great for me to hone my own Spanish skills.

Let me know if you would liike travel Youtuber recommendations by leaving a comment below.

4. Nadine Sykora

Subscribers: 420,000+

Sticking with the travel Youtubers theme, as I continue on the travel kick of mine, I have scoured Youtube for information on everything from packing tips, what to expect in hostels and airport procedure. Nadine, known as “Hey Nadine” on Youtube, has videos covering pretty much everything travel related. Her videos are typically right to the point and will give you great advice, tips, and product recommendations. I particularly liked her video of her top packing travel hacks since they came from a seasoned traveler. Also, just to get ideas of places to go (or add to your Pinterest board like I do), she is a great resource.

5. Ingrid Nilsen

Subscribers: 3,800,000+

I have such a soft spot for Ingrid. I followed her for soooo many years, back when she was missglamorazzi. She has been through a huge transformation, both with her channel content as well as personally. Back in 2015 she came out as a lesbian which probably shocked a lot of her fans. Since then I feel Ingrid’s channel has become more authentic and she truly seems to be more comfortable in herself. I also think having someone as Ingrid with a large platform being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is important because people often view lesbians as not being “girly” and Ingrid shows that being a lesbian and being “feminine” are not mutually exclusive. Plus she’s recently made the move to NYC so it’ll be nice to see a Youtuber not based in California and living in my home state!

6. Lydia Elise Millen

Subscribers: 645,000+

Not just Lydia Elise or Lydia Millen, but Lydia Elise Millen. She is a fashion and beauty channel, but I mainly love her vlogs. She likes the finer things in life, so while I don’t necessarily watch her to get luxury item recommendations, I still do enjoy watching her channel. I like that she is unapologetically who she is. She doesn’t care if people say she should start wearing things from Forever 21 or Old Navy, she still does and wears what she likes. She’s a take me as I am or leave it kind of person, which I like. Her vlogs are often quite long so they are perfect for my long cardio sessions or when I need something to keep me occupied while I do chores. I am really into homes and interior design and decor, so I am loving all of her home related videos since she and her husband just moved into a house.

7. KathleenLights

Subscribers: 3,800,000+

KathleenLights, or Kathleen Fuentes, is someone I’ve been following for years now. I have always loved Kathleen. She seems like someone who anyone could be friends with. She is a beauty and fashion Youtuber but some of my favorite videos of hers are her Kat Chats where she discusses random stories in her life, she is hilarious. I also love nail polish so when she started her own nail polish line, I knew I had to support her. She is so quirky but not over-the-top which is a turn off for me.

8. Rowena Tsai

Subscribers: 165,000+

She is a very recent find. At the point of writing this, I haven’t been subscribed to Rowena for even a month, but I still feel comfortable including her in this list. She is such an inspirational person for me to watch. I’ve been in quite a rut recently, feeling stuck and unmotivated. She has such a calming spirit and was able to create a life she loves while still working towards improving herself, something I needed to hear. She is really into writing down what you’re feeling, which is something I used to do but lost. So if you are feeling down, need a pick me up and want something/someone to help re-ignite your fire, I definitely recommend giving her channel a try.

9. Samantha Maria

Subscribers: 1,800,000+

I love Sammi! She was one of the first people I subscribed to, back when she was Beautycrush. She has gone through such a transformation, from her more hipster-grunge vibe to her more chill, boho vibe. She has such a real, down-to-earth personality. I will admit something, I am not a fan of kids and typically when people I like start to have kids I usually end up unfollowing/unsubscribing. Not because I’m not happy for them, but because usually their content changes (especially vlog channels) and becomes baby/mommy/family centric, which I am not at all interested in. But even with her daughter Indie, I still feel like Sammi’s channel gives me the same enjoyment. I especially love her girl talk videos where she answers fans’ questions on designated topics.

10. Jenn Im

Subscribers: 2,200,000+

Last but not least, Jenn Im, or clothesencounters (such a clever name). I am sounding like a broken record but again Jenn was one of my O.G. subscriptions on Youtube. I love her personality. I followed her back when she was a student and loved seeing her videos on outfits she wore to school. Plus, she is super intelligent and loves to read so in her monthly favorites videos she always has great books (and podcasts and TV shows) to share. But if you are into fashion, you will love her What Would Jenn Wear series where she answers the fashion dilemmas of her audience and demonstrates what she would wear in each situation.

That’s ALL!

I hope you were able to find at least one Youtuber you like from the list above. If you have any recommendations of Youtubers, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. Also, as mentioned above, if you would like recommendations that are more tailored (best for travel, true crime, fashion, even nail polish!) please let me know also. Thanks for reading.

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