Best Motivational Podcasts: 5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Motivational podcasts to help spark motivation

I aspire to be like The Rock, Will Smith or Chris Hemsworth with their seemingly endless amounts of motivation and positivity. But sometimes I fall short and look for other sources outside of myself to help me out. That’s where motivational podcasts come in. A few years ago I was not a podcast listener at all. But then I discovered My Favorite Murder and was hooked. Now, my podcasts venture away from solely true crime and head over to the motivation, positive thinking and other categories.

If you’re interested in what motivational podcasts I listen to, keep reading.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are in search of a motivational podcast to inspire you to begin a business or keep going with yours, look no further.

How I Built This

This motivational podcast was the first business related one I began listening to. It’s hosted by Guy Raz and he interviews different entrepreneurs about their journey to success. Although this is a familiar formula for many podcasts. While the guests are the central focus of the interviews of course, a good host can really elevate the podcast.

I really enjoy both the guests interviewed and the host himself. He asks great questions, typically has good chemistry with the guests and overall it’s very inspiring and insightful.

Favorite Episodes – Bumble: Whitney Wolfe; Away: Jen Rubio; Zumba: Beto Perez & Alberto Perlman; Serial Entrepreneur: Mark Cuban; and Spanx: Sara Blakeley

The BossBabe Podcast

I’ve seen The Boss Babe’s Instagram posts float around Instagram and Pinterest for a while and one day I finally decided to see what this brand is all about. Behind the pastel/millennial pink motivational quotes is a motivational podcast. They interview many entrepreneurs, mostly women but not exclusively.

This one I definitely connect with the guests more-so than the hosts, but nevertheless really enjoy listening to it.

Favorite Episodes: 51. The Entrepreneurial Success Story of Working in a Cupcake Shop to Owning a World-Wide, Self-Financed and Thriving Beauty Company with Cassandra Thurswell; and 48. Turning your Side-Hustle into a Full-tiME Business, Traveling the World, and Becoming a Digital Nomad with Tommy Griffith

Check This Out:

Listening to motivational podcasts aren’t my only source of inspiration. Check out my post on 10 Ted Talks that motivate and inspire me.
This is a motivational podcast that is no-nonsense and straight to the point

The GaryVee Audio Experience

This is a new one for me but I really enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to so far. Gary calls people out on their crap and tells people what they need to hear, even if its not what they want to hear. When I discovered his podcast I listened to several episodes in one day. This is a motivational podcast for those who need to stop making excuses for themselves and start actively achieving their goals.

Favorite Episodes: What Happens After the Wakeup Call; Giving People Money Wont Make Them Rich, Improving Their Mindset Will

This motivational podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to switch career paths

Second Life

After discovering How I Built This, I found this one. Second Life is another entrepreneurial based podcast and again the formula is the same. A host interviews different entrepreneurs about their advice and journey on being successful. This motivational podcast focuses on women but I truly believe that the guests can inspire all entrepreneurs.

Favorite Episodes: 79. Anastasia Soare: Anastasia Beverly Hills; 69. Tamara Mellon: Designer, Founder and Fashion Entrepreneur; 59. Shay Mitchell: Actress, Author, Producer and Entrepreneur

She Did It Her Way

I’m going to start getting repetitive here but this is yet another motivational podcast that has a focus on women. However, She Did It Her Way one isn’t as focused on entrepreneurship as it is on having a positive mindset, confidence, etc. These episodes are often a lot shorter than the other ones, so it’s perfect for your commute or if you want to listen to something while getting ready or right before bed.

Favorite Episodes: 357. How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome When You Become a Business Owner with Amanda Boleyn; 356. Beliefs You Must Own In Order to Find Success

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: I mentioned My Favorite Murder earlier and while it definitely isn’t a “motivational podcast” the hosts, Georgia and Karen, often do drop gems during their conversations I find highly motivational. Typically it’s at the beginning or end of the episode where they ditch the murder talk and discuss life. Recommendations: Rough Winds & High Waters (Ep. 174, around 1:17:00), Pre-Milked Cereal (Ep. 65, can’t remember the exact time stamp).

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