5 Cities in California I Can’t Wait to Visit

What cities in California should I visit?

It’s no secret I dream of international travel and seeing places far, far away. However, there are still places within the United States that I want to see, especially on the west coast. I’m an east coast girl, New York born and raised. And I haven’t had the opportunity to visit much of the U.S., but especially the west coast. California, for instance, is one place I’d love to visit.

Especially now as the weather is getting warmer, I am dreaming about enjoying the California sun during this time. So check out which cities I’d like to visit and why. And tell me, what cities are at the top of your list?

1. Los Angeles

Let’s just get it out the way, Los Angeles. This is number one of this list but it’s not my top choice. I just want to get this out of the way because it’s the city I’m sure is on everyone’s to-see California list. Los Angeles is a city that for some reason I have mixed feelings about BEFORE going to it. It kind of reminds me of a sunnier New York: crowded and expensive. Although from things I’ve heard the traffic may be even worse in L.A. than it is in New York.

However, I feel like it’s one of those places you just have to go to. And despite what I previously mentioned, I do expect to enjoy many things in L.A. when I go. And yes, most of them are super touristy. I’m talking the Hollywood Walk of Fame (I’ll be looking for Audrey Hepburn’s star), shopping at the Grove, hiking to get a good view of the Hollywood sign, enjoying Venice Beach and more.

Plus as a lover of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, that neighborhood is also worth a visit.

Did you really go to L.A. if you didn’t take photos for the ‘gram? This blogger highlighted some cool spots to snap a few photos.

2. Beverly Hills

Many people don’t seem to talk much about visiting Beverly Hills outside of Rodeo Drive. However, I am a die-hard Clueless fan and I want to walk the streets of Beverly Hill like I’m Cher Horowitz, Dionne Davenport or Tai Frasier. But there’s more to do here besides luxury shopping. Wander around Greystone Mansion, drive down Mulholland Drive and I’d love to stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Check out Pearls & Lattes’ post on their guide to the Beverly Hills Hotel. Looks pretty amazing, right?

3. Malibu

Malibu is the destination I’m most pumped to visit in California. Sure, it’s not cheap but the beaches look beautiful there. I’m all about good weather and being by the water, so no wonder this place appeals to me. I already know a surfing lesson is a must when I visit. Hikes, trendy caf├ęs, Leo Carrillo State Park, you name it. Plus, this seems like the perfect place to splurge on a breathtaking Airbnb or rental home – maybe for a birthday or anniversary?

4. San Francisco

Since my days loving That’s So Raven, which took place in this wonderful city in California, I knew I had to visit here. I’ve heard many people rave about the city and also complain about the amount of hills the city has. I guess I’ll get a great calf workout when I make it there. Besides the Golden Gate Bridge, there are other spots worthy of a visit including: Alcatraz Island, the curvy Lombard Street, Piers 39 and more.

If you’ve seen a previous post talking about the best summer nail polish colors, you know I love nail polish! OPI, one of my favorite brands, has a San Francisco based collection. I have “Lost on Lombard” from the collection and can’t wait to wear it when I visit San Fran!

5. Sacramento

Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, California

The next city in California to visit is Sacramento. I tend to forget that Sacramento is in fact the capital city of California, not Los Angeles. Despite being the capital for the state, it often is overlooked for other cities, such as the ones previously mentioned. This one doesn’t have as many eye-catching attractions as, say, Los Angeles. However, it has it’s own charm that makes it worth a visit… at least I think.

I’m still in the process of checking destinations off my bucket list. I’ll update when I get to see it on my own.

Thanks for reading.

This list was short and sweet. What cities in California should be on my list? Or, tell me your favorite things to do in each of the cities I did mention.


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