What You Need to Start Teaching English Online

Becoming a digital nomad/remote worker is gaining more popularity by the day. And I can see why. Young people seem to want to get out and explore the world and some feel like the traditional 9-5 office job that they’ve been trained to want, may not be for them. And that’s ok! (And if you do like the stability of a 9-5 and just want extra income, still keep reading!) For those seeking to transition into a remote lifestyle or for whatever reason need a side hustle/income, you may have come across teaching English online.

Some may not know, but one job I have is teaching English online to students whose ages can range from five years old to sixteen years old, all at varying levels. My native English speakers out there who have searched for remote jobs have probably come across teaching English online. But what is it? What qualifications do you need to start? Do I need to have a spare bedroom to use as a classroom? For the answers to popular questions, keep reading.

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