Goals Four: December 2018

If you are a regular reader, thanks for coming back to my blog! I appreciate you. If you’re a new reader, welcome! I also appreciate you and hope you find my blog interesting and motivating. I decided to do a different kind of post today, one related to goals and what I’d like to set for myself December 2018. This may seem a little odd, right? Usually people wait until January and the start of a new year to list out their goals. But I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolution and the whole “new year, new me” thing.

Why? Because I believe it encourages people to believe that they can’t make changes NOW. They always have to wait until next week, next month, next year. I’ve heard someone say they want to get fit but they weren’t going to start until next month so they can “start fresh.” Isn’t that insane? I think now especially I need to refocus and spell out my goals because this past month has been a tough one and caused me to fall off track a bit. But the new series on my blog may help me fight that…

I also realized I’m unintentionally posting this on the 4th of December… trippy.

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10 Ted Talks to Motivate & Inspire You

Problem: I Need Inspiration

Solution: Ted Talks

Okay, so this may be oversimplying the solution to the problem just a tad. However, I do believe Ted Talks are a great resource to use when you want to get inspired. I’m someone who loves finding motivation by hearing other’s success stories, inspiring outlook on life/business/money, or whatever. In fact, I think most people are like that. However, they feel that it can only come in the form of people they know. Well, I personally believe that looking for inspiration outside of your circle is amazing!

Why? Well, sometimes you may just not feel inspired by the people you’re around. That’s not to say there aren’t amazing people around you who are doing admirable things, but sometimes it’s not what gets¬†you going.¬† With Ted Talks, or finding anyone via this beautiful thing called the internet, we can pinpoint what kind of person we want to seek inspiration from. You don’t know any entrepreneurs in the beauty industry? You can find one online. How about someone who ditched their corporate job to live in a minimalist life? Sounds interesting, and I want to know more, but I don’t know anyone like that. Again, internet, Youtube, Ted Talks. So here are some of my favorite TedTalks I’ve seen (and I have a lot more to see/hear).

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