Favorite Nail Polishes for Spring 2020

Favorite nail polishes for spring

Nail polish! One of my favorite things to do is paint my nails. But moving to Spain meant leaving behind most of my 100+ nail polishes for a select few. However, I have a list of every polish I own and compiled a list of my favorite nail polishes for spring 2020. I preface every one of these posts by saying I am not a seasonal nail polish wearer. I wear what I want when I want. Right now I’m wearing It’s Alive by China Glaze, a Halloween shade! Still, I know what colors many people gravitate to during this time and put together my list of favorites.

So if you’re interest in my nail polish spring 2020 picks, keep on reading.

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Favorite Winter Nail Polish Picks for 2019

If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with nail polish. An obsession that shows itself in the form of nearly 150 bottles of lacquer. Yes, it’s a problem. But a problem I love. Anyways, I am not a seasonal nail polish wearer. However, there are some shades I do love wearing specifically during certain months. As winter comes closer, I thought I’d share some of my favorite winter nail polishes.

If you’re interested in my winter nail polish picks, keep reading. Also, tell me in the comments below which nail polishes are on your “to-wear” list for winter?

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Favorite Nail Polishes for Summer 2019

This is such a different post for me. My blog thus far mainly consists of travel, languages and writing. But I also have other interests/passions including working out, reading, true crime, etc. One thing I also really enjoy is NAIL POLISH. Since I was in middle school I’ve enjoyed painting my nails more than going to the salon. Although I wasn’t (and I’m still not) the best painter, I enjoy doing it.

Plus, I do have a pretty awesome nail polish collection if I do say so myself. One that rivals many nail salons. Now that summer is right around the corner I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite “summer” nail polishes. Although I should preface: I’m NOT a seasonal nail polish wearer. I think it’s silly to ban yourself from wearing entire portions of your collection for substantial chunks of the year.

However, there are a few times that I get inspired by the sun and warm weather during the summer. And thus I DO want to pop on a neon. So, if you’re interested in knowing my picks for summer nail polishes in 2019, keep reading.

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