Best Motivational Podcasts: 5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Motivational podcasts to help spark motivation

I aspire to be like The Rock, Will Smith or Chris Hemsworth with their seemingly endless amounts of motivation and positivity. But sometimes I fall short and look for other sources outside of myself to help me out. That’s where motivational podcasts come in. A few years ago I was not a podcast listener at all. But then I discovered My Favorite Murder and was hooked. Now, my podcasts venture away from solely true crime and head over to the motivation, positive thinking and other categories.

If you’re interested in what motivational podcasts I listen to, keep reading.

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Discover the Best True Crime Youtubers & Podcasts

Travel is clearly a huge passion of mine, as you can guess from my most recent blog posts. However, we are all complex humans with a variety of interests. So due to this and to add more variety to my blog, I am going to share with you my favorite true crime/mystery podcasts and Youtubers. So if you’d like a list to come to when you’re getting ready for school or work (or on the plane/airport), keep reading.

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