Favorite Nail Polishes for Fall 2019

Have you seen my post for my favorite summer nail polishes? Well, now it’s time to discuss fall nail polishes! Fall is my favorite season for nail polishes. I love all the rich colors and the lack of pinks which are very prevalent with spring and summer collections. If you’d like to know the best fall nail polishes, continue reading.

This post will contain a few of my favorite polishes for each color category. Since I’m not an expert painter I’ve opted to use photos that don’t belong to me. Credit will be given in the caption!

I’m going to start with my favorite fall nail polishes from OPI!

Suzi, the First Lady of Nails – OPI

This gorgeous swatch is from Kellie Gonzo.

An olive green cream is a staple for fall nail polishes. Practically every major brand has come out with a color like this in the last few years. This beauty is from the 2016 Fall Washington D.C. collection, which was great BTW. This one has an amazing two coat formula and I love pairing it with a gold glitter accent nail or doing gold on the tips.

You Don’t Know Jacques – OPI

Swatch taken from this post.

This swatch is from the Instagram account @nailsbyjeanneval. I’ll admit, I bought this shade because it was a staple OPI, not because I loved it in the bottle. It’s just one of those OPI’s other nail polish lovers say you “need” to have in your OPI collection. My expectations were low but I actually loved the way this looked on my nails. It looked so chic and classic. When I wore it for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking how pleasantly surprised I was. This fall nail polish is actually one you need in your stash.

It’s a Piazza Cake – OPI

This swatch is from Swatch and Learn.

Doesn’t this color just scream fall? This is a beautiful pumpkin/burnt orange shade that I fell in love with the minute I purchased it. Although I am not a seasonal nail polish wearer (despite making this post) I enjoy wearing this one the most from September to November. This polish would also be great for Halloween nail art.

It’s a Piazza Cake was from their Venice collection in 2015. I loved that collection because it didn’t feel like a traditional fall collection. Yes, although I love fall nail polishes and collections, this one felt so fresh. It reminded many people of a spring collection, which I’m not usually fond of, but it worked so well for this one.

Lost On Lombard – OPI

Swatch used from this post.

Using the swatch from Instagram user @messymanis.

Can’t talk about OPI without mentioning a red. Like other nail polish aficionados, I am kind of bored with OPI coming out with essentially the same red every collection. This red is different. It’s darker, burnt and beautiful. One of the best red fall nail polishes I own!

Check out my video of my top 10 OPI nail polishes.

Now, let’s move on to my favorite fall nail polishes from Zoya!

Merida – Zoya

This swatch is from Cosmetic Sanctuary. Highly recommend checking out her post because her swatches are amazing.

Probably my favorite Zoya. Merida is one of the best fall nail polishes because it’s dark and rich, but also sparkles for you holographic lovers. Zoya’s scattered holographics are popular, this came out in the Fall 2016 Urban Grunge collection which was a great one. If you like Dream, Payton or other scattered holos from Zoya, I am sure you’ll love this one.

Zoya, please come out with more scattered holos! Specifically, a light blue, a yellow, a light green and an orange. Thank you.

Veruschka – Zoya

This lovely swatch is from The Mercurial Magpie.

If you don’t like matte nails, head on down to the next polish. But matte and fall nail polishes go hand-in-hand. I love matte nails despite their limited wear time because they look so sophisticated. I have Honor which is another green matte from Zoya, but I prefer Verushcka’s deeper, darker tone. This polish isn’t sold by Zoya anymore but I found my bottle easily on eBay and not for a ridiculous price.

Next up, China Glaze!

It’s Alive – China Glaze

Swatch by Lacquer Slacker Liz.

One of my favorite holidays by far is Halloween. One of my favorite fall nail polishes by far is It’s Alive from a Halloween collection in 2011. This polish to many people might look ugly. But it encapsulates Halloween and I love it! I can’t imagine going through October and not wearing this. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to find and can get quite pricey on eBay. Luckily I have two bottles! Now I just need to track down Zombie Zest…

Ruby Pumps – China Glaze

This photo is from The Polished Pursuit, a reliable place for great swatch videos.

Similarly to You Don’t Know Jacques, Ruby Pumps is a staple for a China Glaze collection. I fell in love with this one before I even knew about its popularity. In middle and high school I used this polish a ton. In fact, I’ve gone through a bottle of this.

That’s all!

Kind of a short list. I have some favorite fall nail polishes from KL Polish. However, since the company is closing, I figured it wouldn’t be very useful to dedicate an entire section to it. As for Essie, I only have a small collection of Essie. Some honorable mentions would be: As If!, Between the Seats and Knee High Life.

What are your favorite fall nail polishes?


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