Favorite Winter Nail Polish Picks for 2019

If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with nail polish. An obsession that shows itself in the form of nearly 150 bottles of lacquer. Yes, it’s a problem. But a problem I love. Anyways, I am not a seasonal nail polish wearer. However, there are some shades I do love wearing specifically during certain months. As winter comes closer, I thought I’d share some of my favorite winter nail polishes.

If you’re interested in my winter nail polish picks, keep reading. Also, tell me in the comments below which nail polishes are on your “to-wear” list for winter?

As with my previous “favorite nail polish” posts, this one will feature swatches from others. I suck at painting my nails. However, credit will be given to each respective person!

Check out my favorite nail polishes for fall 2919!


Pirouette My Whistle

This one was hard for me to find a swatch of because it’s an older polish and it was hard to find this over a base color I liked it paired with. Pirouette My Whistle is a great winter nail polish because it literally looks like snow on your nails. It’s dainty and delicate and an amazing topper to add something extra to a base color. I personally like using it over dark bases but also think it can look great over a gray. I found this on clearance at TJ Maxx never having heard of it before and I’m so glad I managed to grab it.


Swatch from Lucy’s Stash

When I think of winter nail polishes, I also think of what I like to wear around Christmas. This one is an amazing gold foil nail polish that just sparkles. I love the tone of this gold and of course the fact that it’s such a coveted OPI makes me even happier I have it. This was the most I spent on a nail polish via eBay but you don’t have to be like me since Zoya’s Astrid is pretty much a dupe for this.


Photo from the fantastic blog I’m a Beauty Geek

This is an underrated polish from an underrated collection. I don’t know what it is about this polish, but I absolutely love wearing it. It reminds me of Christmas lights, snow, the holidays. Which makes it a great choice for a winter nail polish pick. However, staying true to my non-seasonal polish wearer roots, I bust this one out all year ’round.

Honorable Mentions: Solitaire, Champagne for Breakfast, Which Is Witch? and Gold Key to the Kingdom

China Glaze

Resting Grinch Face

China Glaze always does really fun polishes for the holidays and Halloween. Their Grinch collection was no exception. This polish, Resting Grinch Face, not only has a great name, but is a really awesome topper. I’ve seen this one used in several different ways. But my favorite combo is over white as shown in the awesome swatch above. This colorful topper reminds me of Christmas tree ornaments and is a perfect winter nail polish.


The Polished Pursuit always captures polishes perfectly.

Sticking with the Grinch collection, I had to mention my other favorite. Grinchworthy is a super fun green glitter that’s amazing for the winter. It looks like trees, the Grinch (of course) and just fits. I wore this last year around Christmas and will definitely be missing it this year (since I am living abroad and only have a limited amount of polishes with me).

Break the Ice

Isn't this icy topper a great winter nail polish?
A gorgeous capture from Olivia Jade Nails

Do I really need to explain why this is a perfect winter nail polish? Hello, it’s in the name! Every time I see photos of this, I always ask myself why I don’t wear this one more often. It’s absolutely amazing and I love it with dark shades.

Combat Blue-ts

This is just amazing. Seriously. Sure, matte nail polishes chip approximately .002 seconds after applying them, but this one is for sure worth it. I believe this came out in a fall collection, and of course I wear it whenever (I mean, I wore it this past summer). However, I think this definitely evokes cold, wintery nights. I picture myself wearing this and drinking a hot cup of tea while it snows outside.

Honorable Mentions: Twinkle Lights, Pearl Jammin’ and Ruby Pumps



Alicia is a great winter nail polish choice
Really nice swatch from The Cosmetic Sanctuary

This nail polish gives me such an icy vibe but also remains some warmth with the gold shimmer. This is similar in concept to Five and Ten by OPI, but not a dupe at all. This is one of my favorite scattered holos by Zoya and I definitely recommend this one if you’re into holographic nail polishes.


Between the Seats

This is such an underrated Essie shade. Seriously, I feel this should be as popular as Mint Candy Apple or Ballet Slippers. This is an amazing palette cleanser that would work all year round. However, fall and winter months are perfect for this ivory/eggshell neutral. A perfect winter nail polish for those who like simpler manicures.

Butter London

Knees Up

This is currently the only Butter London nail polish I have. But boy is it a good one. I first heard of this nail polish while browsing Youtube videos. A user said this nail polish reminded her of wrapping paper and I can’t get that comparison out of my head. I love red nail polish and this super shiny one is no exception.

That’s all!

These are my favorite winter nail polishes for winter. Many of them are holiday inspired but several of them are also perfect for simply when the weather drops. What color is on your nails right now?

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