Goals Four: August 2019

Here I am for another bi-monthly (?) check-in on my goals and how I’m doing overall. It feels like I haven’t done this in months, but my last #GoalsFour post was in June. This time, I have four goals I want to accomplish or work towards for August 2019. I also reflect on my last #GoalsFour post and note things I did well on since my last post. If you’re interested in knowing what my current goals are, keep reading.

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“There will always be someone who doesn’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

Recap: June 2019 to Now

Here are the items I listed for June. I will discuss any progress I made.

  1. Get on a language lesson schedule: I can say I have done this. I’ve been taking lessons once a week for Spanish using italki. I even managed a lesson while traveling to Denver for my birthday.
  2. Limit unnecessary spending: Honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to my finances. But if I reflect back, I think up until my trip to Denver I did really well with my spending and saving. I didn’t order anything from Amazon (a true weakness) and at the end of June I did notice I had more money saved.
  3. Get more organized with this blog: Fail. Complete and utter fail. This I will get more into later.
  4. Hit my water goal: Also failed this one. My hydration game has not done well. Which is bad because in the summer it may be more important than ever. I have been improving slowly but surely the past week or so though.
Check out my vlog from Aveiro, Portugal

Now on to my August 2019 goals!

1. Refocus my language learning goals.

Goals for August 2019

My Spanish learning has done OK. I’m taking lessons and I’m currently on a Duolingo streak of about 70 days. But that’s it. I’ve hardly been listening to media in Spanish. Plus, my studying of other languages has almost ceased completely. I need to refocus and be honest with myself with how much I can handle. Originally I started by studying Spanish, Portuguese and Russian actively. I’m realizing I don’t have the dedication or discipline to actively learn three languages at one. This may mean sucking up my pride and holding off on Russian for a bit.

2. Refocus time to blog.

Goals for August 2019

On one hand, I’m glad I have kept up with my blog schedule. On the other hand, I’ve found myself struggling with content some days and I haven’t dedicate enough time to it. This goal for August 2019 is related to my June 2019 goal of being more organized with my blog. I want to have a set schedule and have multiple blog posts ready to go every week.

3. Refocus energy to fitness.

Goals for August 2019

My fitness game has been in a serious decline for months. While in Denver I did workout several times, including going for a hike. But overall I haven’t been super active because I no longer have my old apartment gym. Even if I don’t shell out money for a gym, I want to make more of an effort to be active and get in a workout. Being fit is something I love and I hate that I haven’t made time for it.

4. Refocus my mind.

Goals for August 2019

If you couldn’t tell, refocusing is a major theme in this month’s goals. Lately I’ve felt scattered, overwhelmed and stressed. This I believe is one of the reasons why I have several areas in my life that I feel are lacking. In order to change this, one of my goals for August 2019 is to find more clarity. This may entail yoga, meditation or journaling.

4 Things I Did Well Since June 2019

  1. I made time to travel. It was kind of last minute but I did something for me and definitely began subscribing to the idea to travel because “your money will return, your time won’t.”
  2. Made major progress in the editing of my first Nanowrimo project. Also participated in Camp Nanowrimo during July and did well with that.
  3. Continued reading. In June I read a lot of awesome books. The beginning of July didn’t seem to promising but I ended up reading more amazing books this month.
  4. Kept up with my hair care. Okay, this may seem like a small “goal.” But I cut a couple inches off my hair a bit ago because it wasn’t the healthiest. I finally feel like I’m understanding what works best for my natural hair and I’m seeing progress so yay!

Thanks for reading about my goals for August 2019. What’s one goal you have for August?


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