Goals Four: July 2020

Bring back an old “series” on my blog. I used to do a “Goals Four” post bi-monthly, but now haven’t posted one since October. During this time of uncertainty and a general feeling of loss, I thought it’d be nice to try and focus on small, achievable goals for the upcoming month of July. What is Goals Four? Basically, I list out my goals for (get it???) the months.

Specifically, I list out four goals I’d like to achieve. I also liked to reflect on the previous Goals Four post and mention things I did well. However, since this if my first post in several months, I’m going to stick with the bare bones and simply list out my four goals for July (my birthday month). If you’re interested in knowing about my Goals Four…. keep reading.

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1. Participate in Camp Nanowrimo.

Participating in Camp Nanowrimo is one of my #GoalsFour July!

Currently, I am outlining two novels to decide which story I want to focus on next. In fact, I recently made an entire post detailing my status of my WIPs. Click here to check it out. I did Camp Nano in April and also want to participate in July. However, I am setting my goal low. I’m not sure what my living and work situation will be in July, so I want to give myself leeway with that. Also, since I’m still currently unsure what I’m writing, I will not be creating a hefty goal. If I write something most days, I’ll be happy. Since you can set your own word count goal for Camp, I believe I will set it for 20,000-30,000 words.

2. Get outside more.

I need to get outside more in July.

My next Goals Four goal is to get outside more. Fitness and health is yet another thing I let fall by the wayside because of the pandemic. During the first half of March, I was continuing with my routine – going to the gym 4-5 times a week, as well as exploring the city on foot, easily getting 8-10k steps most days a week. Fast forward that to June and I am inside most days, I’ve worked out once and hitting 1-2k steps is a struggle. This is not a healthy way to live and I definitely see and feel the effects of being so sedentary. Even as an introvert, I need to be outside and active. Fitness is a part of my identity. And while I prefer the gym and lifting to running, I have to change my routine to what’s available.

But whether it’s actually going for a walk, run or simply sitting outside for an hour, I need to get myself up and out of the house. As the summer goes on, especially when my birthday approaches, I want to start feeling better.

3. Organize my notebook collection(s)

This is a weirdly specific, yet random goal. I was tempted to say “get more organized” but that felt too vague. Instead, I want to organize some of my things – namely, my notebooks. Currently I have several different projects and activities happening which require lots of writing. That includes my job, my writing, language learning, freelance work, etc. My things are CHAOTIC. I have language notes in the same notebook as my writing one and this disorganization stresses me out. Thus, my third goal for July is to find a system that works for me.

4. Increase my Portuguese vocabulary

If I'm going to survive in Brazil one day, I need to improve my Portuguese

Lastly, I want to increase my Portuguese vocabulary. This goal isn’t too specific, as learning one new word could technically count. But I’ll know if I am satisfied with my progress or not. I’ve been trying to do more Portuguese lessons recently and I’m frustrated over my lack of progress. Yet, when I reflect I know it comes down to not putting in enough effort. Therefore, I want to dedicate more time to increase my vocabulary so my conversations with my Portuguese tutors go more smoothly.

That’s all! What are your goals for the month of July? Let me know in the comments.

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