Goals Four: June 2019

Hello all! I’m here again with another #GoalsFour post. If you happened to stumble upon this post, basically I list out four goals I want to achieve or things I want to work on for said month. Get it? Goals for… Goals FOUR… Yeah, super clever. I also revisit what I listed in my last installment and end by saying four things I did well with. Check out my latest #GoalsFour post. If not, keep reading to find out about my goals for June 2019.

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust. Let go. And see what happens.

Recap: April 2019

Here is the portion of this post where I look at what I had down for my last post. I’ll see whether I made progress on any of the goals and whether they’re still important to me.

  1. Be More Present: I think I did a very good job with this. I wrote a blog post from my recent trip to Portugal where I discussed how to be present while traveling and wanting to capture the memories. Overall, I think I did a good job trying to step back, pause and go without technology for a bit.
  2. Open Up More: This is another goal I believe I did well on. While in Portugal I met a very nice girl who stayed in the same hostel as I did. And I met many others as well while traveling solo. This was a win in my book.
  3. Eat Better, Feel Better: I’d say I’m half and half on this one. Minus the two weeks I spent in Europe, overall I haven’t done too bad. There was a two week swing after my trip where I was so used to eating out that I didn’t get right back into my routine. But things have settled down, I’m not eating out much, if at all and I’ve been getting in fruits and veggies.
  4. Get Outside More: Another win! I have to say, I’m impressed. This one could be directly correlated with the increase in temperature. But I’ve been getting out more, going on walks and even a couple jogs. I’m excited to do even more.
Check out my vlog after I first booked my trip to Portugal. I show what I bought in preparation for trip. Many of which you can find on Amazon or at discount stores like TJ Maxx.

Now, on to my June 2019 goals!

Goal #1: Get on a Language Lesson Schedule

I wrote a previous blog post on my comparisons of two popular language exchange apps, HelloTalk and Tandem. Well, I hadn’t used either in MONTHS. My language learning journey gone from actively taking notes, talking with others, watching Youtube videos, etc. to just watching my favorite Spanish speaking vloggers on Youtube occasionally. I really slacked big time. But I started getting into it again. I took a few lessons on another language exchange app, iTalki (review soon?) and have started using HelloTalk again.

With the chance of living abroad seeming more and more like a possibility, I really want to improve my Spanish skills, especially with speaking. Additionally, after spending time in Portugal, I want to improve my Portuguese. Thus, I want to make a schedule of taking lessons via iTalki every week or bi-weekly and STICK TO IT.

Goal #2: Limit Unnecessary Spending

Traveling definitely puts a dent in your bank account. That plus unexpected expenses resulting from car troubles prior to leaving for my trip left my bank account… sad, shall we say. I’ve historically been very good with money. But admittedly have done a lot of unnecessary spending. I have a slight nail polish addiction and TJ Maxx’s clearance section just calls my name! But again, I may be preparing for an international move soon so it will be wise to save as much as I can.

So, Leila, no nail polish, no Wendy’s or hibachi take-out, and ease up on the natural hair products.

Goal #3: Get More Organized with this Blog

Sorry to keep mentioning my Portugal trip (but I’m still in disbelief that I went) but before I went I was super prepared. I planned enough content to post while I was away and for the weeks after just in case I was busy/still readjusting. However, it’s been over a month now since the trip and I found myself either in a slight creative slump or just being majorly lazy. So, I want to urge myself to have at least 3 blog posts written after I post one.

Goal #4: Hit My Water Goal

I’ve slowly but surely been getting closer to this already. My goal traditionally was to drink about 3,000 to 3,500 ml of water per day. That’s almost a gallon a day. Well, for some weeks it would take me four or five days to get through a gallon. That’s… not good. So my goal is to continuously up my water intake.

4 Things I Did Well Since April 2019

I think for the first time since I started this series I don’t have four things to put here. Why? Because I did well on all the goals I set out in the last installment. So that’s quite awesome in and of itself.

Thanks for reading this month’s #GoalsFour post. Tell me, what is something you’d like to achieve/improve on this month? Let me know in the comments.


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