HelloTalk vs Tandem: Which Is the Better Language Exchange App?

Through my research I learned about several different apps, but the two most popular were HelloTalk and Tandem. As expected, they both have the same premise: connect with native speakers and have conversations. Both apps are free to use but offer extra features if you upgrade your membesrship or pay for the service. Sounds pretty simple. But I have found that there are several differences between these apps and I definitely prefer one over the other. If you’d like to know which one, as well as the pros/cons of each, keep reading.

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How to Save Money for Travel (or anything else…)

With social media being so big, we often see our favorite influencers jetsetting across the globe and more and more, we see Youtubers who backpack for months on end to various destinations around the globe. However, if you’re like me and 1) do not get paid to travel (at least not yet, dream big guys) or 2) don’t have endless amounts of cash (currently living on the oh-so common “student budget”), then I have a few tips for you to help you save money for traveling, or anything else for that matter. We shouldn’t let being a student, having student loans or not making a 6 figure salary stop you from traveling. Let’s go on this money saving journey together on our mission to see the world.

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5 Travel Youtubers to Watch

There are so many travel Youtubers out there now. Some may say that the market is oversaturated. And I kind of agree. But what I find is last common is what I consider to be TRUE travel Youtubers. You see many videos of “influencers” and content creators who just say at these expensive resorts where they have product shots seeminly every other frame. Sure, staying at the beach or pool may be cool. But that’s not the type of travel that inspires me. I like seeing Youtubers on foot, trekking through the city, getting lost in the streets and finding hidden gems. I think some of the bigger/more popular Youtubers do more vacationing and less traveling.

Hey, if that’s what you want, then go for it! I know my sister for example would hate walking around a city for hours. But for me, and I am sure a lot of you too, when you travel you want to experience the local culture. You want to see the beautiful (and not so beautiful) parts of a country. Why travel if you’re going to be surrounded by things/people you could meet at home? So I’m here to introduce you to five Youtubers you should be subscribed to.

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Trusting Your Gut

This a different post than what I expected to write on this blog. But I think it’s important. How often are we ignoring our gut? How often do we try to ignore our feelings? It may be for several reasons why we do this. Perhaps we are wondering why whatever the situation is doesn’t feel right to us. I mean, others think its the right decision for them/me, why am I feeling this way? Maybe it’s also because we’re afraid of what it means to admit something isn’t feeling right. Maybe we’re afraid of judgment. Maybe we’re afraid of failure and the risk that comes with trusting your gut. Because it’s scary. It can be hard to make a decision when there’s no hard evidence as to why you feel a certain way, you just know you do, and something is telling you that that’s enough.

So whether it’s ending a relationship, quitting your job, taking a step back from a situation. Trust your gut.

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8 Travel Spots I Want to Visit (and You Will Too!)

I will admit, I am currently not the most well-traveled (yet!). But that doesn’t keep me from adding more places to my bucket list (or Pinterest board) with ideas of where to travel. From Pinterest or the travel Youtubers and Insttagramers I follow, I heard of so many places that I never here people talk about. The Eiffel Tower is beautiful, and I can’t wait to toss a coin into the Trevi fountain and make a wish a-la Lizzie McGuire, but there are several places, some of which you probably haven’t heard of, that I am DYING to go see. Interested? Keep reading!

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6 Rainy Day TV Netflix Recommendations

It is currently a rainy Saturday morning as I am writing this. Although it is summer and I expect sunshine it is anything but here. It is cloudy, rainy, and cooler than normal for early August. On days like this I enjoy taking it easy, curling up in bed and watching some Netflix. I mean, who doesn’t? If you’re like me and enjoy spending your rainy day weekends inside but need a new TV show to binge watch, keep reading.

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