10 Youtubers You Should Be Watching

Whether you are bored at home on the weekend or need something to make cardio at the gym a little more bearable, Youtube can provide mere entertainment or a dose of inspiration when you need it. I always enjoyed watching Youtube videos, since middle school. I always dreamed of having my own channel (I do have a few videos on my Youtube channel now) because I love seeing others, especially women, be independent and be their own boss. Unfortuately, Youtube has become a little monotonous and it seems like there are a lot of Youtubers who are just carbon copies of one another due to the oversaturated market. But fear not, because there are still soooo many Youtubers who manage to stay true to themselves and make amazing content. And I have a list of 10 of them for you.

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5 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Solo Travel

Most people do not grow up with extensive experiences traveling alone. When we are young, we go on family vacations, in school we go on class trips and when we are older, we go on trips with our friends or significant other. But what happens when our friends can’t go on a trip? Or don’t want to go to a certain destination? Or what if we don’t have a significant other to accompany us? For many people, that puts an end to ideas of going to a certain place. But it shouldn’t! If we waited for others our entire lives to do something we really want to, we would constantly allow others to shape our experiences.

Of course it’s scary. Being somewhere alone by yourself, potentially somewhere where there is a language barrier. But I have 5 tips to share with you that will hopefully allow you to make solo travel a part of your life.

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