10 Quarantine Netflix Recommendations

Do you need some quarantine Netflix recommendations? Well, look no further. I’ve definitely been spending a lot of time online during this lockdown. I know I’m not the only one since Netflix has seen over 15 million new users after the first three months of the worldwide stay-at-home regulations. If you’re bored and looking for something good to watch, I am going to name my 10 quarantine Netflix recommendations for you. So keep on reading!

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My Month in Books: What I Read April 2020

Due to being in lockdown, I’ve turned to books as a way to escape. In this post, I discuss each book in April that I read as well as my brief thoughts about them. Overall, I had quite a good reading month. Not just in terms of number of books read but I read a couple new favorites. Keep reading to find out what I read the past month.

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Things I HATE About Hostels

Traveling is amazing and it isn’t as expensive as many people think. One of the biggest expenses for those traveling is accommodations. To save on that, you can opt to stay in hostels instead of hotels. As much as I love hostels for allowing me the opportunity to see the world, there are some things I hate about hostels. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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Stagnant in Language Journey #PathToPolyglotism

I’ve done several blog posts on my language journey to being a polyglot. One of the reasons for coming to Spain as an expat was to improve my Spanish skills. Before arriving, I also studied Portuguese and Russian. Although I did decide to hold off on Russian for the time being. When arriving in Barcelona, I was shocked at how much I overestimated my Spanish skills. Now, months into my time here, I’m disappointed in my lack of progress in my language journey.

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Booktuber Recommendations: 10 Great Booktubers

Booktube is a great space to hear other book lovers gush about their favorite books or explain why they didn’t enjoy certain ones. Personally, I enjoy watching booktube to get recommendations on books and to hear thoughts on books I want to read. Of course, what Booktuber channels you enjoy will greatly depend on the kind of books you like to read. For example, some channels have high quality videos but are focused on romance or YA contemporary novels – genres I’m not into.

Keep reading for my booktuber channel recommendations.

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Favorite Nail Polishes for Spring 2020

Favorite nail polishes for spring

Nail polish! One of my favorite things to do is paint my nails. But moving to Spain meant leaving behind most of my 100+ nail polishes for a select few. However, I have a list of every polish I own and compiled a list of my favorite nail polishes for spring 2020. I preface every one of these posts by saying I am not a seasonal nail polish wearer. I wear what I want when I want. Right now I’m wearing It’s Alive by China Glaze, a Halloween shade! Still, I know what colors many people gravitate to during this time and put together my list of favorites.

So if you’re interest in my nail polish spring 2020 picks, keep on reading.

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My Month in Books: What I Read March 2020

Books read in March 2020

March was a hectic month to say the least. But with all the stress that came in March, I did often use books as a means to escape and distract. Perhaps too much. At times I was juggling four and five books at a time! So, here are all the books I finished in March and my non-spoiler thoughts on them.

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