Youtube Channels that are Helping with my Spanish

If you have read my previous post about the current journey I’m on, you’ll know I am learning languages. I also made a Youtube video documenting my polyglot journey and how I am learning languages cheaply at home. Currently I am studying three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Unfortunately, I haven’t made as much progress with my Russian. This is due to a combination of things such as not putting enough time into it and focusing on the other languages. I’ve been studying Spanish for years. So I am not a beginner and don’t have to spend much time learning vocabulary and grammar, unlike the other two languages.

Youtube is a free resource that I have utilized a lot for improving my listening comprehension skills in Spanish. So I am going to share with you Spanish speaking Youtubers I’ve used to help me with my Spanish. Note, these are not channels dedicated to teaching Spanish to people. I’ll have another blog post on that soon though, so stay tuned for that! But these Youtubers just happen to speak Spanish and I feel are helpful in my language journey. So keep reading for my recommendations.

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