Aveiro, Portugal: Perfect Day Trip from Porto

The beautiful canals and buildings of Aveiro, Portugal

If you are looking for day trips from Porto, Aveiro is a great option. This canal-filled city is sometimes referred to as the Venice of Portugal. There are many day trip options from Porto. But Aveiro is a great, easy option for those of you. Plus, travel within Portugal is not only cheap, but efficient. So, if you’d like to know what to expect from a day trip from Porto to Aveiro, keep reading.

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Staying in a Hostel for the First Time (Selina Porto)

I want to travel the world. And I’m slowly but surely starting to do so. I recently went on my first overseas trip to Portugal and it was amazing. However, I also have student loans and I’m not raking in 6 figures (yet!). So I have to plan and budget accordingly in order to do what I love: travel.

For me and many others, hostels are the way to be able to save money while traveling. Accommodations are often the biggest killer for travelers. It can be your biggest expense, more than flights, food and activities combined. Luckily we live in a world with more options. There are Airbnb’s, which you can get for great deals, especially in Europe. However, even that can be out of your price range. Thus, I decided to dabble into the world of hostels for the first time. If you’d like to know about what to expect, keep reading.

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Braga, Portugal: The Perfect Day Trip from Porto

Bom Jesus in Braga, Portugal

When I booked my flight to Porto, I knew I wouldn’t stay in the city the entire time. Although one of Portugal’s largest cities, I wanted to take advantage of the abundance of day trips possible to do from Porto. One of those day trips includes Braga. Braga, known as a religious hub of Portugal, is a beautiful city that is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the north of Portugal.

If you’d like to read more about my time in Braga and what to expect during your day trip to Braga, please keep reading.

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Norwegian Sky: My First Cruise Experience in the Bahamas

The Norwegian Sky is a great option for your first cruise
The Norweign Sky cruise ship via US Passport Help Guide

Have you ever been on a cruise before? If yes, which cruise ship(s) have you been on? The Norwegian Sky cruise ship was my first cruise experience. Since being on this cruise I’ve been on one other. And while my experiences both times were positive, I’m unsure if I’ll be going on another cruise, at least not any time soon? Why? Well, I’ll go over it more in this post. But basically, now that I’m older I have a clear sense of the type of traveler I am/style of travel I’d prefer.

However, cruises are still awesome experiences. I’d recommend any novice travelers to try a cruise at least once. Then, like me, you can determine whether or not that is how you like to travel. The Norwegian Sky cruise ship was definitely a cool first experience. If you just booked a Norwegian cruise or you’d like to know about my experience before doing so, keep reading.

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Ultimate Guide to an Amtrak Ride

An Amtrak train is often times the most convenient form of travel to particular destinations.
Have you ridden on Amtrak before?

I am no stranger to Amtrak. While in college I rode Amtrak to and from college multiple times a year. I remember when I first rode it. My mother, sister and I were all heading to my future college. I was going to orientation before the semester started. My mom could have driven but wanted me to become familiar with the train since it was how I’d be getting to and from school for the next four years.

Nervous was an understatement! Overthinking is a habit I am working on. My mind filled with thoughts.

How am I going to know what stop to get off? What if I sleep through my stop? I can’t travel on the train for hours ALONE.

my mind

Yeah, melodramatic, right? But when something is new, it’s easy to let your mind wander off. But I am here now, countless SOLO trips later through Amtrak and I am unscathed. No mishaps. Nothing. The journey to and from college wasn’t super long, just a little over two hours. However, I also took the train from New York to Canada and that was TWELVE hours.

I am planning another post dedicated to that trip in particular, but here I want to lay out a few tips I have to get a long Amtrak ride whether it be two hours or twelve. So, if you have a trip planned or are thinking of booking an Amtrak train for your next excursion, keep reading.

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