Camp Nanowrimo: July 2019

Last winter I participated in Nanowrimo for the first time. Surprisingly, I won Nanowrimo early. Now, I didn’t finish the project until months later. But I did enjoy having a challenge to hold me accountable. There’s also a mini-version of this challenge called Camp Nanowrimo. So in July, I decided I wanted something else to hold me accountable with my new writing project. Camp Nanowrimo was different from the November challenge in a couple ways, but ultimately with the same goal: get writers to write.

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Jumping the Gun. Nanowrimo Week 1 Recap.

Nanowrimo 2018

Nano-what-o? If you said “Nanowrimo” to me not so long ago, that would have been my response. I never heard of it, so of course I also did not know what it was all about. But lately I’ve been falling back in love with two passions of mine: reading and writing. Well, I’ve never really fellĀ out of love with them, I just never had the time for the them. Or did not make the time. Either way, a couple months ago I finally got a new Kindle since my old barely functioned. With reading more has also inspired me to create again. I’ve been delving into the “booktube” and “writing-tube” (?) spaces on Youtube lately and heard some people mention doing “nano.”

I learned it’s an annual writing challenge/contest aimed to encourage people to write everyday. What’s the challenge? To write a 50,000 word manuscript during the month of November. Which averages to just over 1,600 words a day. Sounds pretty scary, right? But don’t worry about editing or it being your best work. Just write. I heard about it a few days before the end of October and after ending my Halloween night watching my favorite movies, I sat wondering whether to do it or not. So I signed up for it. And I decided to track my weekly progress here. Here’s how week one went…

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