Youtubers for Writers: 5 Channels for Aspiring Authors #WriteUpMyAlley

Youtube can be a great resource for aspiring writers and book lovers. Not only is the information free, but it’s typically very helpful. There is information available for all levels. Whether you’re planning your first novel or you are working on your tenth. There are plenty of helpful Youtubers for writers to utilize during their journey.

Have you read any of my posts from 2018’s Nanowrimo? It was my first time participating in Nanowrimo and it was a success. If you don’t know what Nanowrimo is, check out one of those posts for more information. But basically it’s a challenge for writers. I love writing and I recently made more of a commitment to fine-tune my writing and learn more about the business.

If you’d like to know what Youtubers this writer is using, keep reading.

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How to Learn Spanish by Consuming Media/Content

Hola, ¿cómo estás? Bienvenido de nuevo a mi blog. O bienvenido si acabas de encontrar mi blog.

Welcome back to another post. While I was thinking of what I wanted to right next I knew I wanted it to do with languages. If you read my #PathToPolyglotism post, then you know that I am learning languages. One of the languages is Spanish. I’d have to say that out of the languages I’m learning it’s my favorite. Sure, it may be partly due to the fact that I’ve been studying it for years so it’s not as much work or frustrating to learn. I’m looking at you, Russian.

However, I also love learning Spanish because it’s a beautiful language. It’s widely spoken, so it’s useful. Also, many of the places on my travel bucket list are Spanish speaking countries. Such as Spain, which I know in my heart I will love. One aspect of learning Spanish I’ve been focused on is listening. Yes, speaking a language is super important. But I’ve always struggled being able to understand people who were talking at a normal pace for them. Because it’s one thing to understand a video where someone is teaching Spanish, or your actual Spanish teacher. They’ll usually speak slower. That can give you a false sense of where your listening comprehension is.

If you’d like to learn how to consume media and content in Spanish (or whatever if your target language), keep reading.

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Youtube Channels that are Helping with my Spanish

If you have read my previous post about the current journey I’m on, you’ll know I am learning languages. I also made a Youtube video documenting my polyglot journey and how I am learning languages cheaply at home. Currently I am studying three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Unfortunately, I haven’t made as much progress with my Russian. This is due to a combination of things such as not putting enough time into it and focusing on the other languages. I’ve been studying Spanish for years. So I am not a beginner and don’t have to spend much time learning vocabulary and grammar, unlike the other two languages.

Youtube is a free resource that I have utilized a lot for improving my listening comprehension skills in Spanish. So I am going to share with you Spanish speaking Youtubers I’ve used to help me with my Spanish. Note, these are not channels dedicated to teaching Spanish to people. I’ll have another blog post on that soon though, so stay tuned for that! But these Youtubers just happen to speak Spanish and I feel are helpful in my language journey. So keep reading for my recommendations.

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The Spanish Cities I Can’t Wait to See

Have you ever felt so drawn or connected to something, but you don’t know why? That’s me with Spain. As of writing this post, I have not yet been to Spain, or Europe. But anyone who knows me knows that I have had a love affair with Spain from afar for years. I don’t know what it is about the country. I’ve always loved the Spanish language and Europe has always been a continent I wanted to visit. So I guess Spain has the best of both worlds for me. I have joked that if reincarnation exists, I was Spaniard in a past life.

Until I get over to that side of the world (which will hopefully be soon, fingers crossed and positive vibes sent out into the universe) I spend my time scrolling through Pinterest at the beautiful places I want to visit. Do you love Spain too and need recommendations on where to go? Keep reading. Also, please keep in mind since I have not been to Spain yet these photos are not mine and were all found via Google Images! Included in this post are videos highlighting each city mentioned.

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Discover the Best True Crime Youtubers & Podcasts

Travel is clearly a huge passion of mine, as you can guess from my most recent blog posts. However, we are all complex humans with a variety of interests. So due to this and to add more variety to my blog, I am going to share with you my favorite true crime/mystery podcasts and Youtubers. So if you’d like a list to come to when you’re getting ready for school or work (or on the plane/airport), keep reading.

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