Trusting Your Gut

This a different post than what I expected to write on this blog. But I think it’s important. How often are we ignoring our gut? How often do we try to ignore our feelings? It may be for several reasons why we do this. Perhaps we are wondering why whatever the situation is doesn’t feel right to us. I mean, others think its the right decision for them/me, why am I feeling this way? Maybe it’s also because we’re afraid of what it means to admit something isn’t feeling right. Maybe we’re afraid of judgment. Maybe we’re afraid of failure and the risk that comes with trusting your gut. Because it’s scary. It can be hard to make a decision when there’s no hard evidence as to why you feel a certain way, you just know you do, and something is telling you that that’s enough.

So whether it’s ending a relationship, quitting your job, taking a step back from a situation. Trust your gut.

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