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Check out my guide on what to do in Prague, Czech Republic. There are many cities and countries I have yet to visit, but of the ones I’ve seen so far Prague may be my favorite. I visited the capital city for New Year’s 2020 and it was a great experience. Cold? Sure, but this New Yorker could handle that. I spent only a couple of days there and would definitely like to go back one day. If you’d like to discover what to do in Prague, especially on a short trip, keep reading.

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Walk Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a must see

It’ll be hard to look at any what to do in Prague guide without coming across Charles Bridge. However there’s good reason for it. There are many bridges in Prague, but Charles Bridge is the most famous and arguably the most beautiful. It crosses over the Vitava River and connects the Old Town to Prague Castle. If you’re looking for great scenery to watch or have as the background of your photos, this is the place to do it. Since it is so popular, there are many tourists, sellers and pickpockets around (so be vigilant) but it’s definitely a great place to visit and walk across.

Admire the John Lennon Wall

While making your way across the Charles Bridge, if you head down these side steps and go through a couple of streets, you will find the Lennon Wall. Firstly, I must say that I’m not a fan of the Beatles, but I knew I had to see this eclectic art wall commemorating the late musician. Again, it’s another great spot for a photo op and nice to see. It was a little hard to find, but once you do it’s easy to get back to Charles Bridge.

Explore Old Town (and eat trdelnik!)

Old Town is beautiful
Trdelnik was delicious, even for a certified picky eater like myself!

The Old Town is close to the Charles Bridge. The first time I explored it was on my way to Prague Castle. Old town is just as picturesque and cozy as the rest of Prague. Of course there’s a multitude a shops and restaurants, but you still get an old-time vibe when walking through the streets. Also, while exploring I saw a shop that sold trdelnik, which is rolled dough that’s grilled and sprinkled with sugar. It’s a popular treat in the Czech Republic. One that I, a certified picky eater, greatly approved of. It was a great snack to keep my energy up as I walked to my next destination during a cold winter day. Plus, it’s super cheap!

Take a tour of Prague Castle

I walked to Prague Castle, which I recommend even if coming from Old Town which isn’t super close. However, there is quite a steep hill at one point (and kind of long) but it was so worth it. It’s great to get good exercise, plus I felt super accomplished when I reached the top. As with most popular attractions, I recommend going early. Your bags are checked before entering the castle complex and when I went (in the morning) it wasn’t too crowded. but when exiting, the line was super long, extending back to the stairs of the steep walk.

While inside the complex there are SO many different things to see or do. However, I only wanted to see a select few things. I saw St. Vitus cathedral (wow, literally one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever seen), Saint George’s Basilica, the Old Royal Palace and the Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower. I bought a Circuit B ticket. You can view the different tickets here.

Each of these places were beautiful in their own right. However, as I alluded to, St. Vitus was just gorgeous. It was also so nice being able to go down Golden Lane which has a bunch of tiny shops. And I do mean TINY. Most of them are slightly below ground level so you have to duck in order to enter them. I bought a very beautiful and special bookmark while I was there.

See the Dancing House

The Dancing House is a great place for a photo op

You don’t need to spend much time at this attraction, but it is a cool thing to see. Luckily, I passed by it each time I headed into Old Town from New Town where my hostel (Miss Sophie’s New Town) was. This curved building is such a trippy one and awesome to get a photo of. As I mentioned, you’ll likely just want to snap a few photos and move on, but I do recommend heading over to see it. Inside is just a bunch of offices. I was in Prague for New Year’s and looked at fireworks from the bridge right across from the Dancing House.

Fight to see the Astronomical Clock

I’m not using the word “fight” dramatically. When I went during the New Year’s holiday, the area around the Astronomical Clock was packed! I’m not sure if it’s because of the holiday season, but those beautiful pictures I saw online of the clock with no one in the background would not be possible. Still, it’s a beautiful place and another amazing part of the city. You’ll likely be exploring the area anyway, so definitely make it a point to see the clock.

Wander around the markets

If you’re in Prague for the holidays, definitely check out some of the markets. You can eat food (more trdelnik!), listen to music, buy Czech knick-knacks and enjoy the atmosphere. One of my favorite low-key activities was to do just that. Take an hour or two out of one of your days in Prague and make sure to do this.

That’s all folks!

There is so much to see, do and eat in Prague! However, what I mentioned were what I did and enjoyed during my time there. What to do in Prague is quite subjective as some people prefer to experience nightlife or try all the local foods or sightsee, or a mixture of them all! I was only in Prague for a couple of days, but I know it’s definitely a place I’d love to return to. Have you been to Prague? What did you do while there? I’d love to know in the comments!

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