Booktuber Recommendations: 10 Great Booktubers

Booktube is a great space to hear other book lovers gush about their favorite books or explain why they didn’t enjoy certain ones. Personally, I enjoy watching booktube to get recommendations on books and to hear thoughts on books I want to read. Of course, what Booktuber channels you enjoy will greatly depend on the kind of books you like to read. For example, some channels have high quality videos but are focused on romance or YA contemporary novels – genres I’m not into.

Keep reading for my booktuber channel recommendations.

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A Canadian booktuber you should watch

The first Booktuber recommendation is BooksWithEmilyFox. She’s a French Canadian Booktuber and I really enjoy her content. Specifically, her rant reviews are my favorites. Personally, I really enjoy more critical reviews. That includes when people like books, I like when people analyze both the good and bad elements in books. Don’t think she’s just a negative Nancy though. She has plenty of fun videos on her channel as well.

Merphy Napier

A great Booktuber if you like concise, mature videos

The next Booktuber I’d like to discuss is Merphy Napier. Similar to Emily, she also analyzes the good and bad parts of books in a way I really like. Her videos discussing tropes and types of characters she likes/dislikes are really interesting. Also, if you’re stuck on what your next read should be she offers many recommendation videos, such as “fantasy for beginners.”


Brittany is a great booktuber whose content is very entertaining

The next Booktuber you should watch is Brittany from BrittanytheBibliophile. Typically I don’t watch a lot of reading vlogs, but I really enjoy hers. She is a huge fantasy fan, so if you want fantasy recommendations or want to listen to someone talk about your favorite books, her channel is a great one to check out. Brittany is also a booktuber who does bullet journal videos. So if you’re into that, you may also enjoy her content.


A booktuber who radiates positivity

The next booktuber I’d recommend is Naya (Nai’a) from NayaReadsandSmiles. She just radiates positivity. If you aren’t into rant reviews or negative reviews and prefer more positive, wholesome content, look no further. She gushes about her favorite books and you can just feel the enthusiasm she has for those books through the screen. Also, as a fellow curly girl, I have serious hair envy of her gorgeous locks! She also has expressed interest in writing, and while she doesn’t talk about writing a lot on her channel, it definitely makes me connect with her even more.

Codie’s Book Corner

A new booktuber I am glad I found

Codie is one of the newest booktubers that I’ve found from this list. She does a lot of reading vlogs but what makes her channel stand out the most for me are her “wheel of TBR” videos. Basically, she has a list of prompts or categories for books to read and then she spins the wheel and chooses a book to read for the upcoming month that fits the prompt. It’s super interesting. Also, as someone who doesn’t have a large collection of books it’s nice to live vicariously through her as she does this.

Thoughts on Tomes

Next up on my 10 booktubers you should be watching list is Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. Sam’s content is a mixture of someone who gushes about her favorite books to who criticizes books she disliked, which I appreciate! Even with books she loves, she goes into detail about why they worked for her and again as someone who likes more critical/analytical reviews, that’s a plus.

Reading with Moe

Moe is another booktuber I’d highly recommend. First off, she has such a calm and soothing vibe to her. She is very calm and she also has a diverse taste in books. Sometimes it gets boring watching Booktube because everyone reads the same books. But Moe makes it a point to read books from underrated or relatively unknown authors, as well as authors from diverse backgrounds. So definitely give her videos a watch!

Read With Cindy

Probably the funniest booktuber on this list

One of my new favorite finds is Cindy. I’ve seen her videos pop up in my recommended videos for some time and finally gave her videos a watch. Let’s just say I’ve now binged so many of her videos. Again, I like critical reviews and she definitely provides that! But her delivery in the way she talks about books she both likes and dislikes is very entertaining and funny. I love how she isn’t afraid to express her dislike of popular Booktubers’ books. And she recently said that she’s interested in writing, which makes her even more awesome in my eyes.

Claire Holliday

Claire’s channel is a great mix between booktube and authortube content. She discusses her WIPs, her writing struggles and process as well as her favorite books. Many of the booktubers who also write typically don’t include a ton of writing content. However, I love that Claire’s channel is practically 50/50 with her split. It’s nice to hear her reviews of books as someone who is writing one herself and she seems like a lovely person.

Ivy Muse

Lastlyon my booktuber recommendations list is Ivy from Ivymuse. She is another relatively recent find, but I’ve watched so many of her videos that I feel I can comfortably include her on this list. She’s another booktuber who isn’t afraid to get critical and does some rant reviews. However, as with the others who also do critical/negative book reviews, don’t assume that all their content is negative. Ivy also discusses the books she loves and I have added several books to my TBR based on her recommendation.

That’s all for my booktube/booktuber recommendations. Check out these ladies I recommended. Also, who would you recommend that I follow?

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