Denver Bucket List: What You Need to Do

Read to discover my Denver bucket list

Sometimes I let my desire to travel the world blind me to the fact that there are amazing places to visit right here in the U.S. Denver, Colorado has been on my bucket list of cities to visit for a while now. There are many appealing things about Denver I can’t wait to see. When you’re reading this, I’ll be in Denver to celebrate my birthday! Not only will it be my first time to Denver, but also to that side of the U.S.

In preparation for my trip I began putting together a document of all the places in Denver I want to see. If you’d like to see what is on my Denver bucket list, then keep reading!

What's on your Denver bucket list?

1. Visit Tattered Cover Bookstore

The Tattered Cover Bookstore on Colfax Avenue is definitely on my Denver bucket list

First on my Denver bucket list is the Tattered Cover Bookstore. I love reading and try to go to bookstores when I visit new places. The Tattered Cover bookstore is on many lists for the best bookstores in Denver. There are a few different locations, but the Colfax Avenue appears to be the most well known. I hope to find some good books to pick up here.
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2. Workout at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks is a must see for all Denver visitors

The Red Rocks Amphitheater is surely on everyone’s Denver bucket list. It looks amazing! Technically, this isn’t in Denver. But it is owned and operated by the city of Denver and is popular with its residents. Red Rocks is used for concerts, group yoga sessions and personal workout sessions. Even if I don’t workout here, I just want to walk around it because it looks grand.

3. Hike at Rocky Mountain National Park

This Denver bucket list item also isn’t technically in Denver. But again, it’s not too far from Denver and its a popular spot for visitors. I’ve never visited any national parks, so I’m hoping I can find time to do so. I’m a novice hiker so I’ll likely do one of the easier hikes, but I am still looking forward to experiencing the natural beauty at this park.

4. Explore Larimer Square

Larimer Square is the main square of Denver. Its where the city was founded. Today, there are many shops, restaurants and red-brick buildings. I’m not sure if I’ll actually grab a bite to here because I imagine it attracts tourists and the restaurants’ prices would like reflect that. But I still believe this is an excellent addition to my Denver bucket list.

5. Get Photos of Union Station

A beautiful train station in Denver

Good thing I travel solo because I can imagine my friends and family asking why on Earth I want to visit a train station? But besides the train station, I can also enjoy food and I’ve seen that sometimes there are farmer’s markets near the station. Since I’m likely going to want to explore downtown Denver, this should be an easy item to cross off my Denver bucket list.

6. Admire Flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Depending on how I’m doing with my budget, I would also like to cross visiting the botanical gardens off my Denver bucket list. Admission is $12.50, so it’s definitely cheaper than other items on here such as the Rocky Mountains. But those are higher on my priority list. Nevertheless, the botanical gardens seems like a lovely place to spend a chill morning or afternoon.

7. Check Out Street Art in the RiNo District

RiNo is a street art lovers dream

The River North neighborhood, often called RiNo, is filled with magnificent street art. I’ve seen photos and videos of this place it looks so vibrant and colorful. Plus, it’s completely free to visit! For budget travelers, I’d highly suggest adding this to your Denver bucket list. I hope to take in the sights and get some nice photos of the area.

8. Have Breakfast at Snooze

Snooze in on my Denver bucket list

Snooze is a popular restaurant that specializes in its breakfast foods. They have several locations around Denver, including near Union. So when I’m exploring that part of town, I’d like to pop in here. This place gets a lot of hype and I’d like to see whether it lives up to it or is just another place that’s aesthetically pleasing but lacks elsewhere.

9. Get Ice Cream at Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream in Denver
Photography by Glenn Ross.

Another popular spot in Denver to get something to eat is Little Man Ice Cream. This is probably Denver’s most famous ice cream parlor. To be honest I’d visit it just to get a glimpse of the unique exterior. It’s a milk jug!

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What did I miss?

I’m already thinking of more I could add to my Denver bucket list. Plus there’s so much to do and see in the rest of Colorado. What things are on your Denver bucket list? Let me know in the comments.


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