Goals Four: October 2019

Every couple of months I sit down and reflect on my goals. That includes my goals from the past couple months and my goals I want to focus on going forward. As the name suggests, for #GoalsFour I list four things I want to work on. But I also discuss how I did with my last installment’s goals and also four things I did well with.

If you’re interested in this month’s #GoalsFour post, keep reading.

Check out my #GoalsFour post from August 2019.

Recap: August 2019 to Now

Here are the items from August and I’ll discuss my progress.

  1. Refocus my language learning goals. This is an interesting one because I’m now living in Spain, thus I’ve had to work on my Spanish everyday. However, I realized I need more practice so I’ve started taking lessons via italki again and inquired about enrolling in a course here in Spain. So I’d say this is a win.
  2. Refocus time for blog. I was doing relatively well with this until I remembered this post was supposed to go up on the 1st not the 2nd. I wasted the perfect opportunity to have this on the first of the month! Besides that hiccup, this goal went so-so. I need to dedicate more time to brainstorming content and writing.
  3. Refocus energy to fitness. HA. A joke. Me claiming to be an active and fit person is starting to seem more like a joke as time goes on. I did do a yoga class the other day and I walk a lot (almost 20k steps yesterday). But overall, I need the gym.
  4. Refocus my mind. Does that yoga class count? Moving is stressful. Moving to a new country is stressful. My mind has been confused, tired, frustrated, etc. for the past month. Understandably so, yes. But I wouldn’t say I achieved this goal.

Now on to my October 2019 goals!

1. Complete All My Expat-Related Tasks

Typically my goals are ones I’d “like” to do. This one needs to get done. One of my main stressors since I arrived to Spain has been all the logistics behind it. This month I need to make a dent and/or complete several tasks.

2. Prepare for Nanowrimo

I participated in Nanowrimo last year and won. I also did Camp Nanowrimo in July and achieved that goal as well. This year I will have a lot going on in my life than I did last year. I will have to learn to prioritize my writing and say no to tasks and organize my time in order to be successful again this year.

3. Spend Less Money

This goal is a never-ending one. And I haven’t done horribly as far as finances, but I do notice as the weeks go on I’m spending more money here. Thus, in order to prepare for my travels, I need to create a budget and stick to it.

4. Start a New Fitness Routine

Being inactive is killing me. It effects more than just my physical health but also my mental health. I desperately need to start working a consistent fitness routine back into my life. Yoga is great but I’m also craving weights and even cardio.

4 Things I Did Well Since August 2019

  1. I moved to a foreign country! Hello, that’s amazing!
  2. Began getting more involved in the writing community. Currently, I’m a beta reader for two people.
  3. Dedicated time to listening to audiobooks.
  4. Ordered less from Amazon. Amazon is addictive!

Thanks for reading my October 2019 goals. What will you try to achieve this month?


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