Youtubers for Writers: 5 Channels for Aspiring Authors #WriteUpMyAlley

Youtube can be a great resource for aspiring writers and book lovers. Not only is the information free, but it’s typically very helpful. There is information available for all levels. Whether you’re planning your first novel or you are working on your tenth. There are plenty of helpful Youtubers for writers to utilize during their journey.

Have you read any of my posts from 2018’s Nanowrimo? It was my first time participating in Nanowrimo and it was a success. If you don’t know what Nanowrimo is, check out one of those posts for more information. But basically it’s a challenge for writers. I love writing and I recently made more of a commitment to fine-tune my writing and learn more about the business.

If you’d like to know what Youtubers this writer is using, keep reading.

Also, check out my video of my winning Nanowrimo! Would you like an update on this project?
Jenna Moreci is one of my top picks of Youtubers for writers.

Jenna Moreci

The idea to do this post came to me as I was watching Jenna’s videos. I really enjoy her content. She gives aspiring writers concise and entertaining Youtube videos. I think her videos are especially helpful for inexperienced/young writers (which I still consider myself). Moreover, I appreciate that she also gives advice on the business side of writing, not only the craft. Thus for those of us who’d like to earn money for our writing, it’s extremely helpful.

Vivien Reis

Vivien’s videos are so calming and encouraging. She gives plenty of great advice that helps you at all stages of the writing process. I particularly enjoy her videos on outlining. They helped me when I was preparing for Nanowrimo. But if you can’t always watch videos, don’t worry! If you’d rather read than watch a video, I highly suggest checking out her website. I think writers of every level would benefit from her content.

Terrible Writing Advice

If you like your learning with a great dose of sarcasm, Terrible Writing Advice might be for you. When it comes to Youtubers for writers, this channel is quite popular. Not only is it humorous, but also it’s animated! Thus, it gives you plenty of entertainment. This Youtube channel loves telling writers what NOT to do.

Hailey in Bookland

Hailey’s Youtube channel isn’t centered around writing. In fact, she’s most well known for being a booktuber. But she has a few videos on her writing process for her works in progress. For some reason they’re really inspiring for me. Additionally, to be a good writer you need to read. Her Youtube channel has no shortage of good book recommendations.


Meg, better known as “iWriterly” posts incredibly helpful videos on both the craft of writing and the business side. I also enjoy her videos interviewing others in this field on various topics. She comes across very positive and knowledgeable and I plan to continue following her throughout my writing journey.

In this video, iWriterly collaborated with another writer on this list: Jenna Moreci. Here they discuss time management. Each woman has a different perspective that can relate to many people. Meg is a mom and does writing part time. While Jenna has no kids and is a full time author. Yet both are a heck of a lot more organized than me!

And there you have it!

Thanks for taking the time to read through my top 5 picks of Youtubers for writers. There are countless other channels plus some I have yet to discover. Thus, let me know you should be on my list! Are there other Youtubers for writers? Let me know in the comments below.


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